Last week, I posted this video to the WMMQ Facebook page and almost 16 thousand people saw it. We played it for the bosses and they think it may be a hoax. Decide for yourself. It get's uncomfortable at first but is well worth the wait. If it's a hoax, it has to be one of the best ever.

What the boss thinks is: that there are twin brothers. One appears to be diving into the hay baler and it doesn't take long for the other one to come out half bale. Then he runs off like Spongebob. This video has been on youtube since 2010.

First, why take off the pants? That opens the door for rashes, scrapes and general discomfort.

Second, is this even possible? To go through the gears of a hay baler naked and not be chewed up. I need a modern farmer to set me straight. I find it hard to believe ANY MAN would sacrifice the family jewels for laughter, regardless of how funny this was.

Either way, I have watched this video 15 times and laugh as hard as I did the first time, every time. Enjoy the laughter.

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