The Gerald R. Ford International Airport is about to become the first airport in the country to test out a new technology that uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect COVID-19.

The airport made the announcement in a news release stating that the robot will be just one of the technologies they're testing out to protect flyers against coronavirus.

The suite includes a shoe disinfectant mat for guests, a pod that can be used to clean wheelchairs and luggage trolleys and a chamber for personal items such as phones, keys and tablets.

All will be disinfected via UV which the airport says attacks on a "molecular level." No chemicals will be used in the disinfecting process whatsoever. Not only will the UV rays kill COVID-19 but other viruses such as the common cold.

The robot itself will be used in baggage claim and security checkpoints; and the shoe disinfectant will sanitize people's shoes in just eight seconds.

G.R. Ford's Director of Maintenance said in the release that they had researched holistic ways to kill COVID-19 particles and they found UV was working the best for other industries.

As an airport, we’re focused on both innovation and a superior guest experience, so this technology could be a natural fit for us.

Since reopening, the Gerald R. Ford Airport has implanted their "Fly Safe. Fly Ford" campaign which ensures guests they can expect a safe experience with their new safety protocols.

Enhanced sanitation protocols, installation of protective guards and increased signage promoting best practices are a few of the more prominent changes.

Learn more about that here.

Ford Airport teamed with two different companies to make this possible: Michigan-based UVC Experts and iP Program out of Florida. Surpassingly, both say this is the first time an airport is utilizing UV Technology -- making GRR the first one!

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