For the last few years, I have tried growing pumpkins. I have a sad excuse for a garden. The weeds seem to take it over every year. I grow pumpkins, sunflowers, sugar snap peas and gourds.

I grow the gourds to make birdhouses, although I have never REALLY have made the birdhouses. I leave the gourds out, crack them open, then replant the seeds. It's a vicious cycle.

Last year was the first year I tried peas. I ate most of them right in the garden and will use a trellis this year.

The past few years, I have grown just enough pumpkins for our family to all carve one. Last year, it was fun walking to the garden with my daughter and watching them grow, together. Her and the produce. Then, to see her harvest the pumpkins is really rewarding.

This year, I was able to get her to plant some seeds herself. We borrowed grandma's rototiller to work the soil. We actually followed directions and put the seeds in little hills. Just like magic, mother nature gave us some rain to help them on their journey.

We were smart, put them in rows for the rototiller to fit in between, so we don't have to bust our asses weeding. We have a plan. We'll see how the Nugget garden grows in 2020.

Gardening with Nugget

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