Truth be told, I didn't tune into the National Championship game between Georgia and TCU until the second half. When I turned on the TV the score was 45-7. The final score was 65-7 and that's only because Georgia let off the gas.

I didn't have any money riding on the game and I didn't have a horse in the race, that explains why I didn't tune in until the second half. Georgia not only secured their number one ranking, they set records in doing so.

According to the Sporting News:

With their 65-7 win over the Horned Frogs, Georgia earned several records in the most dominant college football championship game in history (at least, dating back to the advent of the Bowl Coalition in 1992).

The Sporting News also adds:

The biggest blowout in championship game history before Monday was the 1996 Fiesta Bowl between No. 1 Nebraska and No. 2 Florida. The game was part of the Bowl Alliance, the successor to the Bowl Coalition that agreed, in principle, to pit the top two teams in the country against each other. The Cornhuskers jumped out to a 35-10 halftime lead that ballooned to a 62-24 final score — a 38-point differential. Moreover, Georgia's 38 first-half points broke the record set by Alabama in 2020, when the Crimson Tide scored 35 first-half points in an eventual 52-24 victory over No. 3 Ohio State. They also broke the record for most championship game points, beating the same Nebraska team's mark of 62 points vs. Florida.

Those numbers are damn impressive and a great reason why Georgia finished as the number one team in the country.

It was a brutal game for TCU, Georgia scored touchdowns on the way to the bus after the game.

Would Michigan have been a better opponent against Georgia? There's a good chance they might have made it a closer game, however, you must win the semi to make it to the final.

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