You gotta' love the internet. In a time where everyday seems to be surrounded by fear, anxiety and worry, you can always count on the internet to bring you some kind of joy, and that's exactly what I'm getting out of this video that was shot by someone at 3514 S. Saginaw St. in Burton, Michigan just south of Flint, showing what appears to be an unknown person in a giant teddy bear costume grabbing some Rally's and then hightailing it across the parking lot.

Not much is known about who was in the costume, why they were in it to begin with, what they ordered, or where they went when the fled the scene, but you can enjoy the video below regardless:

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One woman, Amanda who commented on the video may have some info regarding the incident according to a comment she was tagged in:

I think I might know the owner of that bear suit.

The video already has over 19,000 views so I'm surprised we haven't heard from the hungry bear in question. One thing is for sure, the person wearing the costume was no doubt staying warm. I suppose that's one big difference between us and Ohio. In Michigan our costumed customers do it for fun, whereas in Ohio seeing an adult in a Cookie Monster costume attack workers is par for the course.

The video was shot on Sunday evening, so if anyone has info one who was in the bear costume, tell them to reach out so we can go grab some tacos in costume together.

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