Yesterday, my daughter got quiet so I began fearing for my life. When I checked on her, she was looking at her preschool yearbook. The page was open to her class. She started late last year so she wasn't pictured. Maybe she was looking for herself? It was a clear sign to us that she missed her friends.

Pants pic
Pants pic

I saw a story today that said asymptomatic kids can test positive for the virus for weeks. Like 40% of adults, these kids can be silent spreaders. Especially when they don't wear their mask. With some adult's attitudes about the masks, I wonder if that will spill over to any kids? Plus, how many kids are really going to wear the mask?

We had already decided weeks ago we weren't going to send our daughter back to school this year. She has Down Syndrome, and she already has enough trouble breathing with those narrow sinuses. Down syndrome children are more likely to develop the nasty respiratory syndrome. When we sent her to school last year, she got RSV, Influenza A and just about every 2 weeks something new. One night, she was having such trouble breathing, we had to hold her up. It was a very scary time.

We know someday we will likely get the virus. We just don't want to send our daughter into it, and it's only a matter of time before they start spreading it. School buses, classrooms. It'll be hard to enforce people wearing masks.

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