I have known David Mad Dog DeMarco since I started as an intern back in 2002. We started doing a tailgate show at the Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe 10 years ago and now we do the show with Nick Chase and Tim Staudt.

Mad Dog not only is a radio talent and Lansing Legend, he also sells radio commercials, website advertising and the Ignite program. (Ask him about it)

I do some of the commercials. Not to toot my own horn but I am one of the best in the area... Listen to my demo.

So, if you are looking for a solid radio commercial to help your business... I can make you stand out and he can place it on a station that gets you the most bang for your buck.

Now, David also cuts commercials. He is a hard sell guy and usually yelling in his commercials. One of my favorite commercials of his is his, he used the tagline... "It'll be your new favorite place to go to." I gave him so much crap he changed it.

I give him crap because I love working with him. When we are on the air together, it just flows. He will look out for you and his stories of sports in Lansing are some of my favorite.

Whether he is on the air or selling spots... David is a GREAT GUY. If you would like us to team up and make you a kick ass commercial... Give a call to 517-394-7272 and ask to speak with Mad Dog!

Below is the B1G 10 Photobomb! That is Dog with 2 of the greatest running backs in Big 10 history... Jamie Morris of Michigan and Lorenzo White, the leading rusher in the history of MSU Football... And that is me photobombing them.


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