I guess I have known Henry Meyer for about 3 years now. Back in 2015, "Mad Dog" DeMarco introduced us. I honestly respect and admire him for all he has been through but let it be known... The food is amazing. The "crack" chicken is some of the best I have ever had. Me and the wife go at least once a month. Mlive voted it the 5th best chicken in MICHIGAN.

His story is pretty amazing. Henry used to be in prison for doing some "bad things." Some of those "bad things" are now legal. Henry also hires people like him... Who did some time and are hungry for a second chance. Click here to see an amazing article from the Lansing State Journal. 

He was just in here Friday talking about the Eastside Fish Fry.


If you have never had Alligator... Me neither, until I met Henry. It's actually delicious. Just like everything at the Eastside Fish Fry & Grill. Find them on Facebook by clicking here. Check out their website by clicking here. 

They are on Kalamazoo St. West of 127.

2417 E Kalamazoo St (6.37 mi)
Lansing, Michigan 48912
(517) 993-5988





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