Back in February, I posted this online.

One of the craziest things that came out of it was learning about Jamison Merritt. His dad posted this:

Bill Merritt Jamison Merritt. 14 years old, went to England to represent the USA for the youth world championship in darts.

He is a 14 year-old Junior Dart League Championship Contender from Lansing, Michigan and could use your support. If you would like to see him in action... Check out the video below.

Here are the standings.

Jamison will be back in action in Chicago coming up June 1st and 2nd. I am not even sure what you call a dart master? Is it an Ace? Jedi? I just know Jamison's parents Bill and Jennifer Merritt are very proud of their son as they should be.

As good of a dart player as he is, he seems like an even better person. Good luck, Jamison Merritt!

Big THANKS to 9DARTOUT for sponsoring this fine young lad from Lansing!



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