My niece is a BADASS. At 4 years-old they found a brain tumor. She battled through it and thanks to some amazing doctors at Mott Children's Hospital, she is still with us. What she went through was very hard to watch and we hope she was young enough, maybe she will forget it? We pray everyday it never comes back.

One place in Michigan she goes is North Star Reach in Pinckney. Honestly, I have never heard of it but my niece has had some amazing times there.

The one picture, she is in a 200 thousand dollar treehouse. Click here to see that story.

Their mission:

North Star Reach provides life-changing camp experiences for children with serious health challenges and their families, free of charge

1200 University Camp Dr
Pinckney, Michigan
Call (734) 680-8744
It's a Serious Fun Camp ....A Paul Newman camp.

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