While Labor Day marks the end of summer and people are often a little bummed about it. Maybe they're annoyed at the release of pumpkin spice flavors coming earlier and earlier and begging for fall lovers to just let them enjoy the last bits of their favorite season. Fair enough. But summer kind of sucks.

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Why I Don't Like Summer Weather

This summer, especially, was the one that made me realize that I don't think I like summer as an adult as much as I liked it as a kid.

Yes, Michigan is the ultimate playground in the summer, there is absolutely no denying that...However, who the heck has the time to fully enjoy it!?

It was just so humid, muggy and the air was so hot it felt like you were trying to walk through mashed potatoes.

Also, the weather is usually pretty okay as far as temperatures go in the morning. You're comfortable. However, during the day if you work in air conditioning, you are then freezing because you dressed for the heat.

Then, you go from shivering throughout your shift at work, to your car that has been pre-heating in the sun and you feel like a dang rotisserie chicken on your drive home.


Don't even get me started on how BUSY summer is. Sure, we love finally being able to be together with our favorite people. However, in the summer, the weather is nice so each and every weekend is a toss up on if you are going camping with so-and-so, going to a barbeque, graduation party, pool party, bonfire, etc.

For every one plan you make in the summer, it's felt like we've had to turn down four others.

Then, of course, if you are in a situation like ours where you are moving and renovating throughout the summer, people say they understand when you can't make it to their various get-togethers...but do they really?

People seem to lose all sense of patience and understanding when they feel like there is this surmounting pressure to get all the fun in by the time summer starts and they take everything so personally.

Why Any Other Season is Superior

Summer is the time where I'm busy, I'm tired, I'm hot and sometimes, I don't care it's a beautifully sunny day. I want to curl up on my couch and do nothing in the air conditioning.  Why is it that me and people who feel the same are made out to be some sort of negative nancies?

If you want to hang out with me, want me to actually be available and have fun, make plans with me LITERALLY any season. Yes, I do love a lake day and I do love summer activities but summer as a whole? Not my fav.

I will go to the pumpkin patch, bake cookies, go ice fishing in the winter, etc. There is plenty of fun to be had in Michigan all year 'round, it doesn't all have to be PACKED into summer.

Personally, I love that time of the year from the middle of fall through winter. I LOVE winter and I refuse to be judged so harshly for it. Have your summer, have your fun this weekend and as soon as I see that first leaf fall, just know I will once again be thriving.

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