Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said today Michigan will not recognize the 300 plus gay marriages that were performed last weekend. Click here to see the full story from The Huffington post.

An appeals court ruling has stopped the marriages from continuing. Click here to see that story. The Governor says the marriages were legal at the time but the stay means the ban now is back in effect. This nullifies benefits granted to married Michigan couples. For now.

U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman originally ruled the Michigan gay marriage law was unconstitutional. He was nominated by Ronald Reagan back in 1988.

Emotions are running high on both sides.

Kevin posted: "My religion has no right to impose views on others. I was raised Catholic. I'm not even sure what I am anymore, but what I do know is that the Jesus I was taught about was a loving man who cared about everyone. He taught us about glass houses, yet we still construct them with our judgments. Loving humanity and equality is not in opposition to loving Jesus. It is what he taught us. He also taught us to love our enemies, so if you feel so inclined to believe that homosexuals that get married or in general are you enemy, you are opposing Christ by opposing them. So F you and your conservative BS because Christ's message of love is stronger than your message of hate."

Muhammad posted: "Our attorney general was adamant about upholding the will of the voters. Thank You Gov. Snyder for deciding to do the same."

Jack posted: "I survived Vietnam and will continue to fight. What I mean by that is, gay marriage was struck down by the voters in 2004. If the liberals want to change it then put it back on the ballot. I may not like the results but it is the democratic way."

Bryce posted: "Gay marriage has lost in every State it's been on the ballot, even California." The same can be said for nearly every civil rights legislation...just a thought."

Michigan Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer posted this to her Facebook page.

"I'm absolutely offended that Gov. Snyder would continue to deny these couples the same rights, opportunities and benefits that every other legally married couple is entitled to in our state. By having the audacity to claim their marriages are somehow less deserving of legal protections, he's bolstered our argument that the ban on same-sex marriage is an unlawful violation of our Constitution's guarantee of equal protections in the first place."

Either way, one side or the other can scream as loud as they want... This issue is in the hands of the appeals court now.His actions are laughable. His excuses are simply disgraceful."

Either way, one side or the other can scream as loud as they want... This issue is in the hands of the appeals court now. There are over 1,000 Michigan laws related to marriage. The Government should spend less time on marriage and more time on fixing this state.
You can't legislate love but you can fix our damn roads. -JP
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