It's a new year and at Battle Creek-based Kellogg's, it's time for two new cereal flavors. You may have heard that the company has released new versions of two of their most popular brands. And Kellogg's is showing they are not afraid to do a little trolling with one of them...

This cereal is clearly Kellogg's taking a shot at General Mill's Honey Nut Cheerios brand by incorporating the flavor into its flakes as a opposed to the "O"s. It even incorporates the 'honey wand' but without the bee holding it. So what goes on first? The frosting or the honey nut? Either way, sounds like even more of a sugar overload, but I bet kids will love it.

Credit: EBay

You did it too, didn't you? Your first thought went beyond the cereal and immediately to "Now I can make Strawberry Rice Krispies treats?" Don't worry, they were on that when it was first announced these flavors would be coming out last year. Kellogg's did try this flavor once before in the 1980's, but it faltered. The company says this recipe is a new one and that it delivers on the top flavor preferences of its fans.


So maybe try something new for breakfast tomorrow morning? Either way, have a good day and don't be soggy.