Be careful what you say on social media. It may come back and bite you.

Right now, America is in a bad place. 2 weeks ago George Floyd died in Minnesota while in police custody. What has happened since, is something I have never seen in my lifetime. The protests, the riots, the looting.

On Friday, the Grand Ledge school board had a meeting for a few hours with public comment on the topic of Superintendent Brian Metcalf. He wrote on Facebook that while Floyd's death was wrong... "it all starts with being a law abiding citizen."

He said he is sorry and will do diversity training. Click here for the full story.

The result was Mr. Metcalf will be placed on paid leave until his firing is finalized.

I was shocked to hear it cost him his job but I am told all the time be careful what you say on Facebook. Then, I go to Facebook and NO ONE IS careful with what they say. Always insulting anyone who doesn't agree. Getting angry at people they don't even know. A friend told me, the only reason people say such hateful things is because they feel this way about themselves. Even if you are right, sometimes it's just best to keep your opinions to yourself. It could cost you your job or your life. Is it really worth it for the likes?

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