37 year old Paul Stroup graduated from Lansing's Sexton High School in 1999, then joined the US Marine Corp soon after. He was stationed in Japan when the September 11th attacks occurred. After four years in the Marines, Stroup married Ange Shessia, then joined the US Army in 2005, doing tours of South Korea and Kuwait while serving our nation. He was honorably discharged in 2014.

After his military service, Stroup went to work at General Motors Grand River Assembly plant in Lansing.

The Lansing State Journal reports that Stroup first noticed a lump on the inside of his thigh in May of 2016. Thought maybe it was from taking a kick in karate class. It wasn't.

The lump was the beginning stages of Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, which is now in Stage Four. Stroup's cancer diagnosis came in February of last year, which was a month after he collapsed while working his shift at GM.

The past year has been a long, rough road for Stroup and his family. Chemo and radiation have consumed his physical strength, but not his spirit. His wife Ange Stroup is taking care of him full-time.

The bills are piling up. They're living with Ange Stroup's 20 year old daughter and money is tight. They are surviving and fighting Paul's cancer with the grace and financial assistance of friends and family.

John Stroup, Paul's father, is a longtime WMMQ listener, "Hank Studley", who calls on occasion with his unique and entertaining perspectives on life.

Neither John or Paul asked us to ask you for help, but if you're able to contribute, it would make a big difference. Thank you.

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