This is the dive where Steele Johnson got my attention.

I was very impressed with his abilities and even got a kick out of his name. I posted to Facebook:

Patrick Ley: Rock Hard baybee.

Carey Draeger: Love your high-brow humor, Joey Pants!:)

Tim Hoffman: Rusty Kuntz approves...

Patrick Ley: Eww

Karl Stepen:

Karl Stepen's photo.

Megan Stebelton: Lmfao!!!

Allen Glenn: Lmao

Nicki VanLake: Does he fit into a speedo? 😜

Joey Pants: He's softened up into 3rd!

Nicki VanLake: Well that's disappointing 😏

Joey Pants: He does have tiger speedos on. Grrr!

Nicki VanLake: 😂

Wendi Cooper: Wow, where do we get one? Lol

Greg Zenker: Bet it was hard as he got bigger.

Donald Arthur Hull: Joey I think your mind is in the gutter. Lol

Jenny Miller: I'll be the judge of that. Steele.....Johnson. B|

Tina Minix-Hiebert: Bahahaha love your humor Joey pants. Hope your dad is on the mend.

Jeffrey Davis: Stage name...

Dan Marvin: Haha! He's a friend of mine's nephew. My friend has been posting about him and somehow I didn't see the joke there. I'm disappointed in myself.

Jeff Shellenbarger: nice one Joey

David Samuel Hall: He sure did penetrate the water with ease....

Joey Pants: Yeah, that is getting aired.

James Streeter: That's freaken funny.

Cindy Young: Crazy!

Kristin White Coble: That sounds like a good name for a band :)

Jason W. Rouse: It was a little cold and went limp

Joel Sanders: i was not watching guys in speedo's named Steel Johnson.turn the tv off please!

Michael Bakaian: I guess it's better than Richardo Cabasa =)

Jackie Welch: 😄😄😄😄😄

Jackie Welch: Guess it's better than Harry Johnson.

You can Follow Steele on Twitter by Clicking here.

He also has a youtube channel and has a lot of fun doing that.

I'll be pulling for Steele Johnson in the Rio Olympics. Rio's acting Governor said yesterday the game could be a "huge failure." Click here to see that.

How do you have an "acting" Governor and it's not Arnold or Clint?