You have probably hear the news that Connxtions Comedy Club has closed it's doors after 30 years. Click here to see the full story from They had a message on the connxtions website saying  the club is "temporarily closing."

The same thing happened in December at the Toledo Connxtions Club that has yet to reopen. A lot of WMMQ listeners hope for a future location in Frandor. In the meantime, Lansing is without a comedy club. It's hard to imagine how many people we sent to Connxtions for free shows. It's even harder to imagine how many quality laughs I had there.

Here are my top 5 favorite comics to appear at Connxtions.

#5 Tom Cotter. He was the first comedian I saw at Connxtions and is still one of my favorites.

#4 Alonzo Bodden. Mrs. Pants and I were big fans of the show "Last Comic Standing" and Alonzo was awesome on the show. We went to see him and he heckled us a bit. Awesome.

#3 Kevin Bozeman. I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Kevin and we are still Facebook friends. His show was awesome, one of the hardest nights of laughter in my life.

#2 Tim Kidd. Just saying his name cracks me up. I still have my t-shirt and dvd from his show. Raunchy, dirty and hilarious.

#1 Tommy Chong. This was a lifelong dream meeting Tommy. Then, getting to see his show with some of my best friends is one treasured memory. A check on the bucket list.

Some really great guys came into the studio over the years. Some I still keep in touch with. Troy Davis and Bubba Bradley  were 2 of my favorites but I missed their shows.

One night my friend wanted to go see Tim Wilson. I was reluctant because he was a recurring guest on a competitors radio station. Tim was hilarious and I have never seen a comic handle a heckler better. He dressed some drunk lady down! He was really, really great. When I heard he passed away in February, I was so happy we got to experience one of his shows. He was a true entertainer and talent that was taken far too soon.

When we were having a bad week, a show at Connxtions would help us forget about our problems. Laughter is medicine and Lansing's home for the best medicine is closed for now. Hopefully, it will reopen somewhere, someday. It was a huge part of Lansing I will miss. What upsets me most, is Carlos Mencia was the final show. That is like pouring salt in my wound. At least every comedian EVER was represented in the last show because Carlos surely stole most of his material from them. I heard it was actually a decent show.

Great show, Frank. Thanks for the memories.

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