With campuses shut down and students learning remotely, Grand Valley's Campus Dining had to do something with all the leftover food, so they helped out the community.

According to the university's website, Campus Dining originally donated 4,000 pounds of food to Feeding America West Michigan after the initial shutdown of campuses in March.

Now, just this past week, an additional 1,000 pounds of food was donated to mobile food pantries to serve those who were laid off due to coronavirus.

“It’s a way for us as a team to reach out and be involved," said director Paul Kramer. "Not just at Grand Valley, but locally."

Campus Dining is still working to maintain food services for the small population of people still on campus, too, with keeping convenience stores operating as well as implementing a grocery pick-up plan.

As a Grand Valley State University alum and a former employee of Campus Dining, I could not be more proud of the ways they have been helping the community and they are truly showing the world what it means to be a Laker.

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