A few weeks ago, we received the sweetest gift from our friend Stephanie. We ran into her at Meijer and finally, she got to meet baby Nugget. Not long after, She sent this thoughtful gift to Nugget, just in time for Easter.


The bunny is so soft and everyone who saw it couldn't believe how thoughtful it was.

We always hear how people love to see her in her different outfits and seasonal costumes. Half of the time, it's her grandparents playing dress-up while we are at work. We try not to take all the credit because so many have helped us with her.

This kid is really special. Not just because she has Down Syndrome but because she usually changes anyone's day. People do the double take all the time. She constantly pulls in strangers with her smile.

Now, she doesn't smile all the time, like people ask. Getting to be her dad has been the funnest role of my life.

Happy Easter from my family to yours.

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