I was feeling the pressure to come through for my  wife's first Mother's Day. A listener suggested earlier this week, a tree would be a great idea. That way, we could take a picture of mom and Nugget or just Nugget and the tree each year, to see their growth.

I told my wife of the plan and she thought it was cool. We went to Horrocks and before we even walked in, we saw the tree we wanted. WOW, that place was JAMMING! I know, the day before Mother's Day but DAMN!

We quickly discovered the tree wasn't going to fit with baby in the Pantsmobile. We bought the tree and Horrocks will be delivering it Tuesday. As, we were checking out, I ran into a friend. Then, a cashier Jonathan spotted me and said hello. We got our picture in the photos.

Not only is it Mother's Day, it's my 18th wedding anniversary with Mrs. Pants. We have been together 22 years. Plus, it's my mom's 71 birthday. We got mom taken care of too. In one crazy plan that all came together thanks to a great listener suggestion.

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