Just like with Nurses Week, "National Waitstaff Day" comes at a bit of a strange time.

With restaurants unable to operate in a "normal" way and lots of waiters and waitresses out of work, we can't really celebrate the day in a way we would all like to.

Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants working (with limited staff) to carry on with takeout orders and working to still provide their out-of-work staff with some assistance.

While National Day Calendar does not have any information on "how" to celebrate or honor the day, that just means we have to get creative!

Consider, if you are getting takeout today, leaving an extra tip. Maybe, if you have the means, treat your favorite restaurant and the employees working through this pandemic with some snacks, coffee, donuts, etc...

Today is all about showing waitstaff we appreciate them. After all, the ones still working during COVID-19 has been deemed "essential."

Waiters and waitresses are right up there with medical professionals, grocery store employees and other people working to make sure the world keeps turning and people keep moving.

If someone you know and / or love is a waiter or waitress that has been out of work during coronavirus shutdowns maybe treat them to a nice meal today, or even better, a drink!

My sister has been out of work since March and as a nursing student, she also was out of school in the classroom and her clinicals at a local hospital. She also has faced the struggle of getting unemployment benefits due to her status as a student, something many others in her position are facing.

I have plenty of friends and people I love who are among those who go to work every day and push through difficult people, packed dining rooms on a busy night and still somehow manage to stay kind enough to receive even the tiniest tip.

Waiters and waitresses deal with things and do the jobs many of us could never be able to do. Even just balancing a tray towering with drinks would prove to be next-to impossible for me so kudos to waitstaff for being able to do that and even more.

So, today and every day, thank you to all the waitstaff that has been keeping restaurants going at this time and who keep pushing on, providing us awesome experiences at our favorite establishments.

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