Follow me on this one...I think I now understand why George Jetson was so happy to come home everyday to a shopaholic wife, snotty daughter, wise-ass son, and overbearing robot...besides for Astro, of course. I think there were some bong hits going on with every trip to and from the parking garage...And, "Rooor Rooorge!" I can't imagine a four-capsule meal stymies those munchies real well.

Due to copyright laws, I apologize, you have to click this link to to get the full visual of the new pot-smoking sections McDonald's is reportedly introducing to Colorado. According to the article, each participating Colorado Mickey D's will have 15 pot smoking pods in each restaurant. And, these pods look awfully similar to The Jetsons travel pods. Each is designed to contain smoke, so as to not offend other diners, and to ventilate with a tube at the top. Two restaurants have reportedly already converted their PlayPlace into a weed arena. Another 13 are set to convert in the near future.