Years ago I worked with a guy nicknamed, 'Whistle-pig'.  I never knew what it meant and didn't bother to investigate the origin of it.  That was also before we had 'Google' and 'Wikipedia' to explain the world to us.  I forgot about the term until our beloved co-worker Alex came busting into the WMMQ studio here in South Lansing this morning during Duran's show to tell him there was a 'whistle-pig' outside the window.  Alex says that's what farmers call the groundhog/woodchuck/land-beaver rodent.  (I learned the 'land-beaver' moniker from Wikipedia. I also learned that "WhistlePig" is the name of a whiskey made in Vermont.)

The second pic is the Caddyshack pose, which the varmint held for quite some time. Alex said, "Wouldn't it be funny if he waved at us?"

The first pic is Alex trying to teach the whistle-pig to wave.  As far as I know, it did not wave back.

I'm thinking we should call the visiting vermin 'Murray'.