Another of Michigan’s Most Haunted is the Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo.

This structure was established in 1895 and is reportedly home to a squadron of ghosts, including the original owners, Frank & Mary Henderson. Unfortunately, Frank was not to enjoy his house for very long; he passed away just a few years later, in 1899.
In 1908, his wife Mary moved out.

Other spirits said to inhabit the castle are that of a little girl, a Spanish-American War veteran and even a dog...all according to the Southern Michigan Paranormals, who have investigated the property many times.

These spirits have interacted with various paranormal investigative teams as well as guests who come and stay the night. It’s currently being used as a Bed & Breakfast so one and all can come and maybe experience some ghostly happenings.

The ghosts seem to be friendly, not menacing whatsoever. They have been known to speak, physically touch people on the back, side & shoulder, can be heard through radios that are either unplugged or turned off, create audible footsteps upstairs, slam doors.....and some have been seen wearing the clothes they wore when they were alive.

One spirit in particular, believed to be that of Mary Henderson, has been seen by several people at the top of the staircase.

The castle is well-known throughout the country, and has been used in a few horror movies and TV documentaries. Henderson Castle is located at 100 Monroe Street in Kalamazoo.

Wanna stay for a night or two? You can by CLICKING HERE.

As with any 'haunted' place you investigate, always be respectful, don’t litter, vandalize or ruin the surroundings with graffiti. Don’t spoil it for others or even yourself in the future.

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