Food waste is a huge issue not just in America, but worldwide. Grocery stores, alone, make up for 10% of food waste in the United States which equates to about 43 billion pounds of food each year. However, there's a list of major grocery stores making an effort to reduce food waste, including Meijer.

According to Fox 17 News, Meijer hopes to complete their food waste program this year. Originally, it was introduced in 2020 but, like with so many things, was delayed due to the pandemic.

The program, Flashfood, comes in the form of an app which is free to download wherever you get your apps. The purpose is not just to save on food waste but to save you some big money too.

I just downloaded the app myself to check it out. We currently have a few Meijer locations participating. Which you can see below.

via Flashfood App
via Flashfood App

Flashfood takes food items that are approaching their sell by date and offers them at a deep discount. Sometimes over 50% off. Here's just a few that were listed at my local store:

  • Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Mix - down to $0.49 from $3.99
  • Pastabilities Organic Zoo Pasta - down to $1.99 from $3.99
  • A box of mixed produce is just $5.00
  • Mini Valentine's Cupcakes - down to $3.99 from $7.99

And those are just the first few I spotted. The discounts will vary by store, of course, but those are some big discounts! And I don't know about you, but I can use all the discounts I can get right now.

Meijer hopes to roll out the Flashfood program at all of its Midwest stores this year. Now, I just have to force myself to actually use the groceries I buy instead of giving in to my laziness and ordering take out after I JUST DID A SHOPPING TRIP. Why am I like this? ‍😞 For those wanting to reduce food waste at home, you can find some handy tips here!

Also, as a reminder to those waiting for the Covid-19 vaccine, Meijer is working towards providing those vaccines in the very near future.

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