New Years Eve is right around the corner, and I'm sure you want to party all night. That's fine, but if you drink too much it might affect your sleep. According to new surveys by Mattress Advisor, there are lots of effects that alcohol has on our bodies besides a hangover, and one important one is not getting a good night sleep.

The site asked people if they had a good night sleep after a night of drinking, and 55% answered they did. But they went further, as the 55% that believed they get a good night’s sleep after drinking alcohol, they also report many sleep problems after late-night drinking. Abut 1 in 5 people answered that they had weird dreams during the night, and that they slept hot, and also 1 in 5 people answered they had some trouble sleeping due to vomiting or getting sick during the night. So even though most people need a good night of sleep to get over the night of drinking, it will most of the time take extra sleep for you to get over the night or you might not feel better till you get another night of sleep.

After the site talked to people about their sleep, they also asked about having a hangover the next day. The results were all over the place. They reported different issues such as headaches (31%), fatigue (20%), and nausea/vomiting (20%).

The site reports that even though alcohol can make you sleepy it can affect your sleep quality. It can also affect the melatonin in your system, as well as also heighten your heart rate and make you sweaty at night.

You can see more about it here. And as always, be careful during your New Years Eve celebrations.

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