It's National Fudge Day! How are you going to celebrate? Mrs. Pants is on a diet so, our normal tradition of putting on the rubber sheets and rolling naked in the fudge looks like it may be off this year :( Get the full FUDGE story here. It's real. Seriously, we can't have fudge in the house so I won't torture myself with my favorite flavors right now.

Mrs. Pants once read a court transcript of a case up north. Apparently, some troll went up there and the fudge shop owner had an issue with him. In the court, this man said "He came in the store and I didn't like what he had to say. So, I punched him in his fudgie face!" He said fudgie. Mrs. Pants was laughing so hard telling me, it literally took her 3 tries. Trolls and Fudgies are derogatory terms for us down south folk who travel up north to eat their fudge and mate with their women. Here is the urban dictionary definition of fudgie. Now, to the picture.

From the FUDGIE collection

At first glance, this destruction of private property seems to warn off us trolls. But, when you dig deeper and google the word fuggie, it is an urban dictionary term for one who has coitus with one in a snuggie. Click here if you don't believe me. Clearly this message isn't intended for me... Yet, I read on. The penmanship is not bad, probably better than mine. "Drive Your Dumb Ass's Home. (No punctuation to end the sentence and it's asses, dumb-ass) Locals Only!" Instead of shaking in fear. I laughed and got out my camera to capture this idiocy.

If you are going to damage private property in an attempt to dissuade local tourism, please get your spelling correct. When you end up laughing at the idiot who was trying to threaten you, I think you may be sending the wrong message? Now eat some fudge!


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