For many years, the big white house near the end of Pine Tree Road in Lansing was home to the iconic country music station WITL. Better know as the WITTLE White House, it housed both WITL 1010 AM and 100.7 FM signals. It's red double doors welcomed fans and country music greats alike.

As a kid, hours of complaints came from my brother and me while my parents listened to the "tear in my beer" songs of betrayal and love gone wrong. Songs that today find their way into my speakers as fond memories. Another one of the AM specialties was "TRADIO." The call-in radio show that you could offer your 14x70 mobile home with the expando on it and trade for that snow blower that you always wanted.

As always in radio, the personalities made the music that much more appealing. Personalities that turned into friends as WMMQ moved its studios from Mt. Hope the basement of the White House! The Classic Rockers invaded the building like an infestation with their Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath!

Somehow being in the musty basement with no view fit us to a tee! Solid block walls and little ventilation gave us the feel of a cramped, underground dungeon that was indeed "Rock & Roll!" The occasional raccoon or mouse didn't seem to bother us either. It just added to the stepchild appeal that we had.

Occasionally we would get visitors from people like Ted Nugent, Kevin Cronin and Bruce Hall of REO Speedwagon, Mark Farner of Grand Funk and comedians like Tommy Chong and Bobcat Goldthwait. All of which seemed right at home.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. The WMMQ studios are now in the newer building up the road. Doctors offices fill the fields that we once empty and Pine Tree Road is actually paved. I'm just glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing place with the memories and friends that I will now have for a lifetime!


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