Horrock's wants to sell you a seven-foot-tall, five thousand pound block of one-year-aged sharp yellow cheddar cheese.

Who cut the cheese? Seriously, you'd have to break this up. At $6.99/pound, this aged medium sharp yellow cheddar would cost you $34,950 if you bought the entire seven-foot block. Holy cheese, Batman!

Battle Creek has shopped there since 1959, and knows Horrock's Farm Market as a destination market for many things you just can't find anywhere else. What other grocery store has beer on tap and live entertainment? Horrock's fresh produce is coveted, people love their garden center and the well-stocked meat department next to a tasty deli with an unmatched selection of wine and cheeses. It is the big cheese that is getting Horrock's Lansing location all the attention on social media.

The post below was shared at Thanksgiving, and we're not quite sure if anything is left, but there's got to be- they had five thousand pounds of cheese! What could you do with that? (Note that it is aged yellow cheddar which, in case you were wondering, tastes the same as white cheddar- the only difference is the coloring.) The aging, of course, drives the flavor up, but like a fine wine, the taste is richer and fuller. Aged cheddar would be excellent on a charcuterie board. You could make an upscale sharp cheddar mac & cheese, a flavorful beer-and-cheddar soup, biscuits, or fondue.

If there is another toilet paper shortage, this is just what you need.

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