If you truly know me, you would know that I like food. And passing the aroma wafting from a steaming hot dog cart in sub zero temperatures, can be rather difficult!

Last Friday, a trip to the South Lansing Menard's, proved to be a true test of sheer will power. Standing there and braving the cold, I saw Brad from "Brad's Dogs" huddled next to his cart as he awaited the next hungry customer.

When I asked if I could take his picture for the story, he was reluctant. I introduced myself and stated my intentions for the photo. All the while, sub-zero winds racing across our faces as we discussed what brought him to this location from his Metro-Detroit upbringings. He laughed and said that he thought it was a "little strange that there were no hot dog carts outside of the everything store in the Lansing area as there are in Detroit." His inquiry with the store chain landed him the gig and now he is offering his line of Michigan Made Dearborn Brand hot dogs, red hots and Polish dogs to those who would like to enjoy a hot lunch or an irresistible snack.

Besides, what other State opens up their drive up ice cream shops in February and has year 'round hot dog carts in sub zero temperatures? "Say Yes to Michigan!"

Brads 2

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