Curiosity usually gets the best of me in most cases. But not when it comes to prepackaged food!

These MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat) are leftovers from a friends deployment and I have a couple of questions:

1) "How long are they good for?"

A valid question I would think. Considering these meals have seen extreme heat and sever cold in their day. Most foods have a shelf life that depends on consistent temperatures.

2)"What do they taste like?"

Pork flavored. ribbed shaped patty? Is that where McDonald's came up with the idea for the McRib? It honestly does not sound appetizing

Finally, I have heard of friends even recently, digging in to leftover C rations from World War II! Their take was that they weren't half bad! That said, no thanks!

Thanks to all of our men and women who have serve and continue to serve, this great nation! GOD BLESS!!! - Duran

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