While we have all been cooped up in our homes, some of our pets are loving it, others are keeping it weird so we asked "Tell us what your pets are doing right now but call it 'the guy at the end of the bar'."

It garnered a ton of hilarious responses, that made us laugh like:

  • Vanessa Alsott - "The guy at the end of the bar is walking on my boobs."
  • Bryan Harris - "The guy at the end of the bar is laying on my wife's back, giving me the stink eye."
  • Troy Simmer - "The guy at the end of the bar is fighting with the other guy at the end of the bar.....and now they're licking eachother"
  • Shannon Thompson - "The guy at the end of the bar is fat and is still begging for extra food even though it’s not on his diet. The guy at the other end of the bar is skinny but won’t eat unless I mix gravy, or bacon grease, or raw eggs in his food. And somehow he remains skinny."

Of course, some came with pictures that really brightened our day(s)!

Lansing Listeners Share Pets

Thank you all for the awesome responses, sharing your pets with us and joining in for a much needed, collective laugh right now.

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