Super Bowl 55 is Sunday. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was already announced the Chiefs would be wearing RED and the Bucs WHITE so find a sucker to bet you on that one.

You can still bet on who will win the coin toss. (It'll be Tampa Bay)

You can bet on who you think the MVP will be? Patrick Mahomes of KC is the favorite. You can actually bet on who Mahomes will thank first. His teammates are the favorites over GOD!!!

If you are feeling really frisky, you can place a wager on what color the Gatorade poured on the winning coach will be. Orange is the favorite.

Eric Church is singing the National Anthem, another wager you could place is if the Anthem will last longer or shorter than 119.5 seconds. I am guessing over.

The Weeknd will be performing the lip synching during the halftime show, you can even bet on which song he will lip synch first. Plus, who will be his lip synching guest to join him faking it on stage? Drake is the odds on favorite.

There is a lot more to bet on than who will simply win the game. The Chiefs are -3 by the way. I think it's a safe bet so, rent is riding on it! (Not really, wife)

To see more prop bets click here. 

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