We get it, sometimes bees are scary, especially if you are allergic. However, Michigan has six species of bumble bees that are in danger of going extinct!

Bumble bees, as much as they don't want to, can sting you but the National Wildlife Federations says they are key pollinators for all of our crops and plants. Unlike honey bees, no, they do not make honey but they are responsible for keeping many things we love growing and are essential to our way of life.

MSU Extension's "Michigan Natural Features Inventory" features animals and species in Michigan that are either "Endangered (E), Threatened (T), and Probably Extirpated (X)." There is also a section for "Special Concern."

According to that list, here's the bumble bees all labelled "Special Concern":

  • Rusty-patched bumble bee
  • Black and gold bumble bee
  • Northern amber bumble bee
  • American bumble bee
  • Sanderson's bumble bee
  • Yellow banded bumble bee

Now, climate change has been named a key player in the decline of these bumble bees, but what can we do ourselves to try to make our own impact(s) on helping these species?

Well, here's a few ideas!

How To Help Michigan Bees At Home

While, yes, we totally understand bees can sometimes be a nuisance but sometimes they just need a little guidance and a little help to get where they need to go.

Bumble bees are a more social species of bees and chances are they are just looking for a friend.

I, personally, think they are absolutely adorable and am going to invest in one of those cute little bee hotels as we speak.

CLICK HERE for one you can snag to start helping the bees in your own backyard.

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