You would have to be deaf and blind not to know sports betting is just days away from happening here in Michigan. Click here to see the facts. The AWESOME commercials are everywhere letting you know. It's not just sports betting. Internet gambling is about to go legit here in the mitten too.

Remember the days when you would make a bet with a friend?

"I'll take the Lions to lose this week!"

Pretty safe bet, when they are playing but... That is just one of the MILLIONS of sports bets you can make.

There are point spreads, pushes and parlays! Click here to see the parlay calculator from Vegas. Plus, you can make prop bets, like bet on the coin toss or who will get the first penalty. These are old Las Vegas bookmaking games... I am sure there will be a million we haven't heard of. New terminology to learn.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes and people haven't been able to scratch the gambling itch as much during the pandemic so this thing is going to be HUGE!

We all know someone who may have a gambling problem. If you do or suspect someone in your family does: Call 1-800-270-7117 or click THIS LINK for more information.

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