The Flat Earth theory has been burning like a wildfire online recently, and now an iconic Flint landmark is offering confirmation.

I was driving past the Flint Rock yesterday when I noticed the message. Spray painted on the message portal, plain as day were the following words.

NASA LIES! It's flat yo! Research flat earth. The globe is a lie.

How did message get here?

Was it the ancient Mayans leaving us wisdom from thousands of years in the past?

Maybe it was a rouge NASA scientist who is just now willing to come forward with the truth.

We may never know who or what revealed the truth on the rock that day, but we will always remember the day.

Now the insane internet arguing can finally end.

Since we all agree that the earth is flat, the big question is, what now?

Do we organize a search party to look for the edge of the earth?

Do we demand a refund for the hundreds of dollars we've spent on history books?

Do we just find some other crazy thing to say, and argue it until enough people believe it?

These are all good options, so I'm going to leave it up to you. After all, I wouldn't dare try to tell you how to think.

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