Talking with WMMQ afternoon host Nick Chase last week, I learned a couple things:

1) Back in the early 1980s, there was a video arcade in the middle of the Okemos Meijer (Joey reports that the KMart in Okemos, where the Best Buy now stands, also had a video arcade, which paled in comparison). Do you remember this? I don't recall having such 'fancy' entertainment in Midland.

2) Nick, who says he was a master at throwing tantrums (and still throws a good rage), says that if he threw a big enough fit in the store over not getting Transfomers or Hot Wheels, his Mom would hand him some quarters and send him off to the arcade in the middle of the store. Joey says he would get the Transformers AND the quarters with his tantrums.

Are you kidding me?! I never even TRIED that crap! I had to stand in the corner after church every week just for making too much noise.