Indiana. The place people in Michigan used to have to go to obtain fireworks. Once the laws changed, there was no reason to go to our sewer any longer.

A company in the Hoosier state is having some fun at the expense of Michigan for some reason. Like they aren't one notch above Hell in the big picture. Most people from Indiana reek of elderberries and I am pretty sure their mother is a hamster.

A smart ass business owner in Angola, (sounds like a venereal disease that won't go away, by the way) put up billboards on northbound and southbound I-69 that said "NOW ENTERING MICHIGAN. REALLY? ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS?" Click here to see.

He did it in response to the Michigan coronavirus related restrictions. The joke really is, Indiana currently has more ACTIVE coronavirus cases than Michigan. Indiana currently has more than 10 thousand active cases than Michigan. Click here to see that number. 

What would you put on the WELCOME TO Indiana Billboard?

"We used to have Bob Knight!"

"Don't worry about flushing... It's Indiana."

"Why are you here, again?"

"Aren't fireworks legal in Michigan now?"

The billboard welcoming you to Indiana, says it's a free to roam state.

What the hell is a Hoosier anyway. It sounds like something out of Strange Brew, eh.


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