WILX.com reports that the Ingham County Animal Control Shelter is overcrowded in its cat shelter. As a result, cat adoption fees have been drastically reduced.

According to the report, so far in 2018, More than 1,100 cats have been brought into the shelter. In just the last 10 days, 60 cats were brought in.

Senior cats over 6 years of age are free to adopt right now at the shelter. Adult cats 6 months to 6 years old are just $5, with kittens under 6 months available for $10.

Additionally, the shelter is promoting its Barn Cat Program, encouraging residents in rural areas to bring healthy adult cats with behavioral issues home to barns and farms. The shelter requires these barn cats to still have access to food, water, and veterinary care. The benefit to rural residents is that these outdoor cats can control rodents on rural properties.

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