The COVID-19 pandemic craziness continues...Things of course are happening now that you could've never imagined before. And really, it starts with all of the lifestyle changes we've been dealing with since the introduction of the Coronavirus in our society.

And with all of the changes that we have had to make as humans, there has also been changes that have affected our furry friends during all of this too.

Here's another one. The Ingham County Animal Shelter is now limiting their intake on cats. The shelter reopened in June and then all of a sudden it was cats, cats everywhere. And here's what the word "limiting" means. At this time they are not taking any cats.

See, I told you people were dropping cats off left and right. According to a press release issued earlier today, there will even be a "Caturday Saturday" special happening to help. Like I've said here before I'm not really a cat guy but that's a pretty cool name and if you're a cat person you may want to lend a hand.

Here's more info from the Ingham County Animal Shelter press release:

Until more cats currently at the shelter have been placed, the shelter is not accepting new cat surrenders. If you have cat you are no longer able to care for, or have found a loose cat, shelter staff can assisting you in advising alternative options for placement. However, cats will not be accepted if brought to the shelter.

For the “Caturday Saturday” adoption special, cats and kittens will be available for $25. Senior cats and long term resident cats will be available for free. All cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have age appropriate vaccines.

Get more info from the ICAS website.

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