Really puts it into perspective for those who are safe at home feeling "trapped"...

As reported by MLive, the Michigan Department of Corrections is struggling in their fight to keep inmates and officers safe from the virus.

On April 14 it was confirmed eleven inmates and two employees, all COVID-19 positive, had passed away while 454 inmates and 175 prison staffers across the state had tested positive in general.

Among the challenges of enforcing social distancing and other COVID-19 preventative measures, state prison spokesman Chris Gautz says "The no-snitching street code applies even to coronavirus behind bars."

According to MLive, many people within the prison(s) fear what will happen if they show symptoms, are suspected of having coronavirus and possibly end up quarantined. They are not only trying to stifle their own symptoms but are not willing to tell on each other.

In Jackson alone, a total of 182 Parnall prisoners have confirmed cases with a capacity to hold nearly 1,700 inmates and 63 correctional officers are also positive.

The guards are visibly worried, understaffed and increasingly vulnerable to the virus, something an inmate at Parnall noted.

However, acknowledging the risk these essential employees are taking, MDOC has been paying correctional officers an additional $750 every two weeks in hazard pay since April 4th.

All in all, MDOC, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and everyone else involved in decision-making for Michigan prisons are working together to come up with solutions to minimize infection risks.

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