Here we are in 2022 and technology is pretty amazing. Computers, tvs, mobile phones, cars and just about everything that exists has great technology. I am not a "computer" guy, but I am savvy enough to operate my mobile device, computer and automobile. Sometimes I have to push all of the buttons to see how something works, but that's ok because I'm learning.

When I think about technology, I think about inventions. Somebody had an idea and said, "I think I can make this happen, I am going to build it or create it." To me, that takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Why courage? It takes capital to invent something. An inventor has to put their money or a sponsor's money into a project that they have no idea will even work. Also, rolling the dice on something that you are unsure will even come to fruition can get a bunch of naysayers. That's a great reason to invent or go after something—to quiet the naysayers and to hopefully create something that society can utilize.

Some of the most important inventions have hailed from Michigan. People that changed the course of history were born in Michigan. Medicine to save lives was invented in Michigan. The ability to manufacture cars quickly was born in Michigan. Food to nourish newborns came from Michigan.

Check out some of the amazing things that were created by people in our state.


12 Life-Changing Inventions That Were Created in Michigan

There have been plenty of game changing inventions that were invented within our beautiful state. Some of which have helped with travel, hospital care, breakfast, modern medicine and more. I had no idea about some of these inventions. It's pretty cool that these inventions came from Michigan. Check out for more.

We have an amazing state, and we've had some smart people invent some helpful and cool things in it. What else has been invented in Michigan that I didn't include?

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