If approved, this could be a ganja game changer in Michigan.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency recently released an eye-opening report on massive racial inequity in the industry,

Data collected in December 2020 by the MRA on individuals who have an ownership interest in a licensed adult-use establishment in Michigan showed that only 3.8% are black or African-American and 1.5% are Hispanic or Latino.

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The report from the MRA really puts those numbers in prospective as they point out that 60% of the people in state prison on drug offenses are Black or Latino.  Yet, less than 6% of Michigan dispensaries are owned or licensed by Black or Latino residents.  The report offers 16 recommendations that would change Michigan laws on the marijuana industry in an effort to close the racial gap.

One of the most interesting programs could help locals invest in this industry and help with social equity.  The MRA proposed a Michigan Marijuana Market according to grownin.com,

A crowdfunding platform housed and supported on the MRA website that serves as a portal for local investors and local marijuana businesses located in disproportionately impacted areas to gather and invest.

This idea came from insurance broker Cimone Casson in an effort to get the middle class Black and brown communities more involved.  Casson is currently working with the MRA to get all of their ducks in a row.

This Marijuana Market will need funding which is where the Republican majority Michigan state legislature comes into play.  With the large number of people that support this plan, many are feeling optimistic that Republicans will get behind the Marijuana Market idea.

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