Most of us have probably seen the reports and video on the Magic Carpet ride at this year's Cherry Festival in the Traverse City area. The base of the ride was seen leaving the ground by many onlookers as well as the operator. They shut it down immediately, but it’s a ride that takes a few minutes to stop even when the power is shut off. Fortunately, there were no injuries and the ride was stopped before any real damage was done. It is still being investigated to determine the cause of the malfunction.

The Ionia Free Fair is happening and the same company that provided the rides for the Cherry Festival is set up at the Ionia Free Fair. However, they say the ride that had issues did not come along with them.

Arnold Amusements is the company that owns the Magic Carpet ride which almost toppled over last week. When Ionia Free Fair spokesperson Raul Alvarez saw the video of the ride at the Cherry Festival he immediately called Arnold Amusements. Alvarez said, “Immediately after we saw that video we contacted Arnolds. They assured us of a number of things: One-- the ride was immediately dismantled and sent back to the manufacturer for an investigation and an inspection. Two-- they are compliant with all state inspections as required by law."

Arnold Amusements and the Ionia Free Fair have worked together for 40 years. There is trust between these two organizations, and everything at the Free Fair is business as usual. Carnivals in the summertime are natural, the kids look forward to them. The Ionia Free Fair runs through July 28th.

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