According to posts on social media, The Loft in Lansing has permanently closed.

Independent music and event venues have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic; as many have said, they were among the first businesses to close, and have yet to reopen.

The Loft in Lansing first opened in April of 2010 and has hosted more than 1,700 concerts.

A Lansing-based band (that was set to perform at The Loft on Aug. 14) and a promoter both shared on Facebook that The Loft has shut down for good.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, The Loft shared the news last week saying,"Our Industry has been hit hard with the COVID 19 pandemic, and unfortunately, we don't have the means to see it through. Along the way, we have met many friends and people that we consider family and relationships we will cherish forever."

The Loft asks patrons to please continue supporting local musicians and venues and show support by joining the #SaveOurStages movement.

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The Loft's website remains active and contains information about the temporary closure due to COVID-19.

Google also does not show the venue as permanently closed.

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