Drives heading north on 131 near the S-Curve in Downtown Grand Rapids found themselves stuck in traffic looking at brake lights.

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The backup wasn't from construction, instead, it was a runaway cow.

Cow Causes Commotion On US-131 in Grand Rapids

My friend Bethany Patterson texted me saying a cow was on the loose on 131 North between Market Avenue and 196.

She sent me a few video clips and she wasn't kidding.

Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh
Big Joe Pesh

In the video, Bethany is sitting in her car as the cow runs past her on the left side.

you can see people trying to catch the loose cow with no luck.

Thankfully Kent County Road Commission officials helped the driver get the cow back on the trailer and traffic was able to start flowing again.

Video: Runaway Cow On 131 S-Curve Causes Traffic Back Up

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