The holiday season always feels a little more festive when you decorate your home.

From wreaths to Christmas tree, there is literally never a dull moment, especially when you string up Christmas lights.

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Do you ever think about how expensive it is to decorate only for the holidays?

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Thanks to HouseMethod, now we know just how expensive (or not) decorating is for the holidays.

"However, while Christmas lights are undoubtedly beautiful, they can also come with a hefty price tag. With inflation rates hitting record highs and utility costs soaring right along with them, we wanted to see how much more people have to pay to run Christmas lights this year."

How expensive is it to run your Christmas lights if you live in Michigan?

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Well, according to HouseMethod,

"the national average cost of running Christmas lights in 2022 is $16.48."

For the state of Michigan, it cost only $15.05 to run your Christmas light this year. That is only 3 cents more than last year, which was $15.02.

Photo: Canva Pro
Photo: Canva Pro

What does that mean exactly?

That means you can put up a little more Christmas cheer around your home since it's below the average electric cost for the entire country.

We are not the only state that did not have a huge price increase this year.

"The cheapest state to run Christmas lights is Washington, at only $10.51, followed by Idaho at $10.91, Oregon at $11.75, Nebraska at $11.89, and North Carolina at $12.57."

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Now, if you are traveling to other states this year and want to put up Christmas lights, you may want to avoid these states.

"The top five most expensive staes for Christmas lights include Hawaii at No. 1 at $38.46, followed by New Hampshire at $27.85, California at $27.65, Massachusetts at $27.03, and Connecticut at $27.01."

With all of this information, will you continue to get into the Christmas spirit?

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