Do you think Grand Rapids is a dirty city? Do you think it's a clean city?

I ask this because there is a lot of attention being paid to the cleanliness of major cities around the country these days. And sadly, it seems some cities in the U.S.A.  are getting dirtier.

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I know this because the website Lawnstarter, famous for all sorts of interesting surveys, did one to determine the Dirtiest Cities in America. They boiled it down to the largest 152 cities and gathered data regarding Pollution, Living Conditions, Infrastructure and Consumer Satisfaction.

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Understand that the survey focused on "city living" versus "suburban living," and these are 2023 figures.

So, how did Grand Rapids fare? Are we dirty?


According to the Lawnstarter survey, one Michigan city did make the top five on the list.  Detroit came in at number four, the fourth dirtiest city in America. That's sad!


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Houston actually came in at number one as the dirtiest city in America. Number two on the list was Newark, New Jersey, San Bernardino, California was number three, and then Detroit at number four. Number five, by the way was Jersey City, New Jersey.

They all scored pathetically on pollution, living conditions, infrastructure and consumer satisfaction meaning do you really like living there.


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I'm happy to say that Grand Rapids was very low on the list. With this kind of survey, a low ranking is wonderful because I sure wouldn't want to be number one, or even number four as Detroit is.

We came in at number 128 which means we are pretty darn clean and people are pretty happy to live here.

According to the survey of the 152 largest cities in the U.S., the best city, but last on the list, was Virginia Beach, Virginia!

No doubt, we in Grand Rapids and West Michigan, still have a lot of work to do. But we have made so much progress. Let's keep it going!

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