Smile because soon you may soon be on Candid Camera, or rather Candid Speeding Camera here in Michigan!

It looks as if new legislation that would allow the use of traffic cameras in construction zones has gained a lot of traction and is close to becoming the law here in Michigan.

Our sister radio station, CARS 108 in Flint, reported that House Bills 4132 and 4133, introduced last year, would amend Michigan law and allow the installation of cameras in construction zones where workers are present and where the is no barrier between construction workers and traffic.

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Think about it. When you approach a road construction zone and it says slow down, speed limit 60 MPH when workers are present, do you really slow down?

Watching traffic around Michigan, I would say most people don't. They just cruise right on through.

MDOT says that speeding is the leading cause of fatal work zone crashes. In 2023, there were 20 fatal work zone crashes in Michigan.

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Well, it is about to become costly to do that and your next speeding ticket may not come from a police officer wearing a uniform, but the "Candid Speeding Camera!"


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Right now, the only cameras used in Michigan are in intersections to control traffic flow.

Word of caution here: if you do get a notification that you are being issued a ticket it's most probably a scam. DON'T RESPOND!



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The automated system will mail a warning to you if you are caught going more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a construction zone. The next time, you'll get a ticket for between $150 to $300. Yikes!

And, don't forget, they know where you Live!



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