No quicker way to rile up middle America than to threaten to take their guns away right? Well, to be fair, this isn't a situation of the government looking for ways to take your guns away in totality. However, there are a certain set of ways to get your guns confiscated in at least 32 states across the United States.

Four Midwest states have fairly similar ways to have your guns taken away, and it's fairly easy to avoid being in a situation to have your gun rights swiped away.

As most gun owners will tell you, being responsible with your firearm is paramount. While it's a right to own a weapon, it comes with a great deal of responsibility to ensure everyone's safety. While guns will always be at the forefront of divided politics, primarily in their viability as a whole or in how they should be distributed, the point remains that keeping them for protection and ensuring that they are safely handled will go a long way in protecting those rights.

Now, naturally, gun laws vary from state to state. That said, there are five common ways across those 32 states to have your guns confiscated:

  • Firearm removal for “extreme risk” individuals.
  • Enforced gun removal for those with a crime-related possession ban.
  • Enforced gun removal for domestic violence convictions.
  • Enforced gun removal for those under a domestic violence restraining order.
  • Firearm laws for domestic violence emergency calls.

According to 247 Wall St, none of the four Midwest states being discussed here will remove your guns for crime-related possession ban or domestic violence convictions.

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In Illinois, gun owners can have their firearms taken away if they are deemed an "extreme risk", losing their firearm for a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of six months. Those under a domestic violence restraining order will also lose their guns and law enforcement must remove some firearms during domestic violence emergency calls.

In Indiana, those deemed an "extreme risk" will lose their weapon for a minimum of two days or a maximum of 180 days. Indiana police must also remove some firearms for a domestic violence emergency call.

In Michigan, currently, there is no way to have your guns confiscated, however, that will change in 2024. The only way will be for "extreme risk" individuals, who will lose their firearm for at least 14 days up to one year.

Finally, in Ohio, the only way to have your guns confiscated is from a domestic violence emergency call, in which law enforcement must remove some firearms.

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